Top 10 college football teams in 2022

7. NC State (Last season: 9-3)

The Wolfpack haven’t won an ACC title since 1979

6. Michigan (Last season: 12-2)

winning the Big Ten for the first time since sharing the title in 2004 and advancing to the College Football Playoff.

5. Texas A&M (Last season: 8-4)

the Aggies can’t ease into the season because of a tough September schedule

4. Clemson (Last season: 10-3)

The defense will be excellent again There is a good group of running backs

3. Georgia (Last season: 14-1)

No one can say “1980” to the Bulldogs anymore.

2. Ohio State (Last season: 11-2)

Ohio State is no. 1 ranking waith 1471 points

1. Alabama (Last season: 13-2)

Alabama is no. 1 ranking waith 1552 points