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This textbook aims to create awareness about the biological sciences specially Botany,
Zoology and allied aspects of biological sciences. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF)
was formulated in 2005, followed by the State Curriculum Framework (SCF) in 2010.

Biology 12th book pdf In addition, relevant diagrams,
graphs, tables used in the textbook will bring about more clarity in the understanding of various
terminologies and biological concepts. All the illustrations are in colour form. This will surely
enable students to understand various concepts of botany and zoology thoroughly and correlate this
with their day-to-day practical life.

12th Biology Textbook PDF

Based on
the given these two frameworks, reconstruction of the curriculum and preparation of a revised
syllabus has been undertaken which will be introduced from the academic year 2019-20. The
textbook incorporating the revised syllabus has been prepared and designed by the Maharashtra
State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, (Balbharati), Pune. Biology 12th book pdf

Biology 12th book pdf Summary

  1. Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
  2. Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
  3. Inheritance and Variation
  4. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  5. Origin and Evolution of Life
  6. Plant Water Relation
  7. Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
  8. Respiration and Circulation
  9. Control and Co-ordination
  10. Human Health and Diseases
  11. Enhancement of Food Production
  12. Biotechnology
  13. Organisms and Populations
  14. Ecosystems and Energy Flow
  15. Biodiversity, Conservation and
    Environmental Issues

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Biology 12th book pdf The curriculum and syllabus confirms to the maxims of teaching such as moving from
concrete to abstract, known to unknown and from part to whole. For the first time, in the syllabus
of biology various independent activities have been introduced.

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