9th Science Navneet digest pdf download 2024

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9th Science Navneet digest pdf download

PDF Name 9th Science Navneet digest pdf download
No. of Pages 288
PDF Size 45MB
Usefull For Students
PDF Category Education
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Do tell us about the parts that you like as well as about the difficulties that you face as
you read and study and understand this textbook.

9th Science and Technology Navneet digest pdf

The basic purpose of this textbook can be said to be ‘Understand and explain to others’
the science and technology that relates to our everyday lives. While studying the concepts, 9th Science and Technology Navneet digest
principles and theories in Science, do make the effort to understand their connection with
day to day affairs. While studying from this textbook, use the sections ‘Can you recall?’
and ‘Can you tell?’ for revision. You will learn Science through the many activities given
under the titles such as ‘Observe and discuss.’ and ‘Try this’ or ‘Let’s try this’. Activities
like ‘Use your brain power!’, ‘Research’, ‘Think about it.’ will stimulate your power of

9th Science Navneet digest pdf Summary

  1. Laws of Motion
  2. Work and Energy
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Measurement of Matter
  5. Acids, Bases and Salts
  6. Classification of Plants
  7. Energy Flow in an Ecosystem
  8. Useful and Harmful Microbes
  9. Environmental Management
  10. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  11. Reflection of Light
  12. Study of Sound
  13. Carbon : An important element
  14. Substances in Common Use
  15. Life Processes in Living Organisms
  16. Heredity and Variation
  17. Introduction to Biotechnology
  18. Observing Space : Telescopes

While carrying out the given activities and experiments, take all precautions with regard
to handling apparatus, chemicals, etc. and encourage others to take the same precautions.
It is expected that while carrying out activities or observation involving plants and
animals, you will also make efforts towards conservation of the environment. You must, of
course, take all care to avoid doing any harm or causing injury to any plants or animals.

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