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Understanding factors affecting distribution of population.

12th Geography navneet pdf

  • Understanding various components of population growth.
  • Examining the trends of population change.
  • Examining population growth as a problem or an opportunity.
  • Explaining the economic and social effects of population structure.
  • Explaining variables related to migration.
  • Explaining positive and negative effects of migration.
  • Explaining the factors affecting location and growth of human settlements.
  • Understanding why settlements grow in specific patterns.
  • Analysing the patterns of human settlements on a global scale.
  • Understanding the nature of primary economic activities.
  • Understanding correlation between the geographical factors and various primary economic activities.
  • Showing the global distribution of primary economic activities.
  • Explaining the changes in the patterns of primary economic activities.
  • Understanding the nature of secondary economic activities.
  • Explaining the factors affecting location of industries.
  • Explaining the distribution of major industries in the world.
  • Understanding different types of industries.
  • Understanding the nature of tertiary economic activities.
  • Understanding the relationship between geographical factors and some of the tertiary economic activities.
  • Explaining the relationship between trade, tourism and transport.
  • Understanding the changing trends in trade, tourism and transport.

12th Geography navneet pdf Summary

  1. Population : Part – 1
  2. Population : Part – 2
  3. Human Settlements and Land Use
  4. Primary Economic Activities
  5. Secondary Economic Activities
  6. Tertiary Economic Activities
  7. Region and Regional Development
  8. Geography : Nature and Scope

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12th Geography navneet pdf Download Link

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