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11th Physics Navneet pdf Downoad

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Units and Mathematical Tools

  • Distinguish between fundamental and derived quantities.
  • Distinguish between different system of units and their use.
  • Identify methods to be used for measuring lengths and distances of varying magnitudes.
  • Check correctness of physical equations using dimensional analysis.
  • Establish the relation between related physical quantities using dimensional analysis.
  • Find conversion factors between the units of the same physical quantity in two different
    sets of units.

11th Physics Navneet pdf

  • Identify different types of errors in measurement of physical quantities and estimate them.
  • Identify the order of magnitude of a given quantity and the significant figures in them.
  • Distinguish between scalar and vector quantities.
  • Perform addition, subtraction and multiplication (scalar and vector product) of vectors.
  • Determine the relative velocity between two objects.
  • Obtain derivatives and integrals of simple functions.
  • Obtain components of vectors.
  • Apply mathematical tools to analyze physics problems

11th Physics Navneet pdf overview

1 Units and Measurements
2 Mathematical Methods
3 Motion in a Plane
4 Laws of Motion
5 Gravitation
6 Mechanical Properties of Solids
7 Thermal Properties of Matter
8 Sound
9 Optics
10 Electrostatics
11 Electric Current Through Conductors
12 Magnetism
13 Electromagnetic Waves and Communication System
14 Semiconductors

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Motion and Gravitation

  • Visualize motions in daily life in one, two and three dimensions.
  • Explain the necessity of Newton’s first law of motion.
  • Categorize various forces of nature into four fundamental forces.
  • State various conservation principles and use these in daily life situations.
  • Derive expressions and evaluate work done by a constant force and variable force.
  • Organize/categorize the common principles between collisions and explosions.

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