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Diversity in living world

  • Analyse basic characteristics of living and non-living.
  • Collect and analyse useful data by observing diversity of living organisms using
    different tools.
  • Describe plants and animals in the surrounding on scientific basic and classify
    them using taxonomic hierarchy.
  • Develop hobbies by watching and collecting the things (livings) and their
    conservation using databases.
  • Classify different organisms based on cell structure, body organisation, mode of
  • nutrition etc.
  • Compare and analyse similarities and differences along with phylogeny amongst 11th Biology Navneet PDF
    different groups of organisms.
  • Recognize, analyse and compare structural similarities and differences and
    progressive evolutionary changes in different plants and animals.

11th Biology Navneet PDF 2023

Cell structure and functions

  • Explain and draw the structure and functions of different cell organelles.
  • Elaborate the role of nucleus in heredity and controlling characters with structure of chromosome.
  • Compare cell division process and know their role in life cycle of organisms.
  • Analyse and specify different biomolecules of cell with their role in structural and functional aspect of cell

11th Biology Navneet PDF Summary

  1. Living World
  2. Systematics of Living Organisms
  3. Kingdom Plantae
  4. Kingdom Animalia
  5. Cell Structure and Organization
  6. Biomolecules
  7. Cell Division
  8. Plant Tissues and Anatomy
  9. Morphology of Flowering Plants
  10. Animal Tissue
  11. Study of Animal Type : Cockroach
  12. Photosynthesis
  13. Respiration and Energy Transfer
  14. Human Nutrition
  15. Excretion and Osmoregulation
  16. Skeleton and Movement

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Structural organization in organisms

  • 11th Biology Navneet PDF Explain basic morphology of dominant plant group of this era i.e. Angiosperms.
  • Compare morphological features of different plant parts in different plant families.
  • Draw floral parts and floral diagram.
  • Identify economic importance of Angiosperms with respect to fruit and seeds.
  • Compare morphological feature of two major classes of Angiosperms.
  • Explain different types of tissues in plants and reasons for growth viz. primary
    and secondary.

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