10th History Navneet PDF Download | १० वी इतिहास नवनीत pdf

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10th History Navneet PDF Downoad

PDF Name 10th History Navneet PDF
No. of Pages 110
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PDF Category Education
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Critical Summary of History from Ancient to Modern Period: Explains the traditions of Historiography.
Understands that a number of western thinkers have contributed
to the development of the discipline of historiography.
Studies various periods of Indian history with a critical and
comparative viewpoint.
Obtains information regarding historical research done in India
and other countries.
Explains that History is a scientific discipline.

Applied History: Understands the concept of Applied History.
Understands the applicability of history in various fields and also in
real life.

10th History Navneet PDF

Mass Media and History: Brings out the interrelation between mass media and history.
Develops independent historical outlook with the help of various
Obtains information regarding specialisations in the concerned
professional field.

Entertainment media and History: Explains the necessity of entertainment.
Throws light on the interrelation between entertainment and history.
Understands the changes that have taken place in the entertainment

10th History Navneet PDF overview

  1. Historiography : Development in the West.
  2. Historiography : Indian Tradition
  3. Applied History
  4. History of Indian Arts
  5. Mass Media and History
  6. Entertainment and History
  7. Sports and History
  8. Tourism and History
  9. Heritage Management

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  • Understands the relevance of History in the field of Tourism.
  • Identifies opportunities in the field of tourism in our country.
  • Understands that tourism can offer employment opportunities to many people.
  • Understands the interrelation between History and Tourism.

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  1. Please can I get Navneet guide download for 10th std Pune Board
    Subjects: History and Maths1 and Maths 2


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