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PDF Name 10th English Navneet pdf
No. of Pages 202
PDF Size 6 MB
Usefull For 10th Students
PDF Category Education
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12th marathi digest pdf Discuss personal, social issues in
appropriate language.
• Describe something in a certain way to
achieve a certain effect.
• Interpret lines from a literary piece.
• Use quotations, idioms, proverbs
appropriately 10th English Navneet pdf
• Appreciate different aspects of a literary
• Take efforts to use stylistic devices and
figures of speech in his/her own presentation.

10th English Navneet pdf

• Relate and evaluate the information against
one’s previous knowledge and develop
further insight.
• Judge/find the authenticity/source of a piece
of writing.
• Learn new words, phrases, collocations,
idiomatic expressions and enrich his/her
vocabulary through reading.
• Develop a habit of reading news-papers,
magazines and other authentic sources to
obtain required information.
• Learn about other cultures and develop a
liberal mindset.
• Develop respect for one’s identity as an
Indian. 10th English Navneet pdf

10th English Navneet pdf overview

Unit One

1.1 Where the mind is without fear…
1.2 The Thief’s Story
1.3 On Wings of Courage
1.4 All the World’s a Stage
1.5 Joan of Arc
1.6 The Alchemy of Nature

Unit Two

2.1 Animals
2.2 Three Questions
2.3 Connecting the Dots
2.4 The Pulley
2.5 Let’s March
2.6 Science and Spirituality

Unit Three

3.1 Night of the Scorpion
3.2 The Night I Met Einstein
3.3 Stephen Hawking
3.4 The Will to Win
3.5 Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom
3.6 The Concert

Unit Four

4.1 A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever
4.2 The Luncheon
4.3 World Hertiage
4.4 The Height of the Ridiculous
4.5 The Old Man and The Sea : Book Review
4.6 The Gift of Magi

Review a book/a film/a TV programme/a
play, etc.
• Write independently and creatively, using
themes, formats of his/her own choice.
• Attempt using different techniques to make
his/her writing more effective.

Revise increasingly larger chunks of
information mentally.
• Identify and correct if necessary, the
influence of mother tongue on his/her
• Use resources from other languages while
speaking/writing in English.

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Write correctly. (Avoiding mistakes in
spelling, grammar, etc.)
• Review and if necessary correct his/her
own work as a matter of habit.
• Transform the text/information as directed.
• Write responses/answers in the given form,
following the given word-limit.
• Report an event/happening using an
appropriate format – a news item, a
personal observation (diary), etc.
• Write formal letters / applications / e-mails.
• Explain a concept / an idea in short.
• Expand on a theme.
• Paraphrase a text.
• Express one’s own thoughts and ideas
coherently and effectively.

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